Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Globalization has a greater effect on tourism development, travel habit of the people from round the world and the entire environment of a place. Tourism is not an impact free industry. Due to its fragile nature, little mistake and mishandling may result a greater destruction in the industry. Himalayan Hub International keeps in concern all about the factors that may directly or indirectly be affected by the tourism activities conducted in that environment.

Himalayan Hub International conducts all types of treks, peak climbing, mountaineering and tours without bringing any harm to ecological environment in the destination. We actively participate in national and local level environment protection initiatives. We believe in preserving our earth for the generations to come. Our business practices are based on the ethics of responsible and sustainable mountain tourism.  Additionally, as parts of our corporate social responsibility, we routinely organize educational support programs for needy in the remote part of country. We care our environment; discourage use of plastics in mountain area, prioritize use of local resources and encourage green economy.

Our Socio-cultural responsibility: We always keep in mind that Tourism may have its dangerous impacts on society and culture of any place. We are gifted our culture by our ancestors, we are indebted to preserve it for our future generations.  

Sustainable tourism practices: Himalayan Hub International gives priorities to the local for any type of support necessary during our tourism activities in any area. We hire local guides, porter and consume local agricultural products as far as practicable and in all the possible areas, we operate tea house trekking that we assume to directly benefit the local of the area. Until and unless, the local communities cannot entertain the economic benefits from the development and promotion of Tourism, it won’t be sustainable.

Tourism is a service oriented industry. Our guides, porters, cooks, Sherpas including all the supporting crew are backbone of our profession. We cannot imagine our business without their support. Himalayan Hub realizes its responsibility towards them, so we provide warm clothes and foot wear to our high altitude workers, do their insurance and arrange rescue in case of any severe condition while handling the trips. We believe “a happy employee can make a customer happy”. 

Respect the local culture
* do not unintentionally introduce new social harms.
* promote & practice environmental responsibility in the places that we visit and operate trek and tours.

That way, you enjoy a unique and memorable experience as well as authentic cross-cultural exchange and our local resources, cultures and customs are protected.

Our Sustainable Policy.
All of our staffs are locally employed and all our guides are, ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We use local products (food, vegetables, products etc.). We are committed on providing services best available in the industry and make no compromise when it comes to guest's preferences. Our commitment to provide prompt and quality services exceeding guest satisfaction.

We highlight on making wide use of the available local products and improve maximum economic benefits to the local communities. In addition, we support rural development projects in Nepal.