Bhutan is a small country in terms of area (47000sq km), landlocked and bordering with Tibet (china) in the North and India in the south. This little kingdom is situated at the eastern end of the Himalayas ranging from little above the sea level up to 7600m elevation of high Himalayas with varying climatic conditions assorting from hot humid to alpine depending upon different altitudes and seasons.  It used to be the most isolated nation in the world that is even known as the Druk-Yul― the land of thunder Dragon.

 Bhutan is an attractive tourist destination. It is a Buddhist country which is culturally rich and adequately gifted by nature, consisting with some of the breathtaking sceneries.

In a diverse climatic condition; Bhutan offers various trekking packages in its hills and mountains enriched by flora and fauna, magnificent mountains, scenic beauty, forest, crystalline air and friendly people. Terrific art and architecture and deep valley untouched by modernization are its other attractions which is a wonderful experience for any visitors arriving here to enjoys hiking and camping in rich natural habitat.

October - November and March-May are the best seasons for Bhutan trekking for all the high altitude activities above 4000m. But the some short and easy trek like Druk path trek, Bhumthang cultural trek, Gangtey natural trek can be done from October to May even though it is winter.

Bhutan Visa

Visa is necessary constituent to travel to Bhutan. The Royal Government of Bhutan issues the visa after the receipt of full payment in advance. No other foreign mission or institutions are authorized to grant tourist visa.  It costs US $ 20.00 for the visa and it could be extended by paying additional US $ 15.00. Visa fee have to be paid along with other payment.  Visa application must reach Bhutan prior to the arrival date allowing enough time for processing. Visa is stamped in the passport on arrival at the Paro Airport. The two copies original passport size photos are essential o arrival and the visa USD is for 14 days that can be extended with an additional fee of USD 15.

Travelling in Bhutan

All independent travel is prohibited in Bhutan so, every tourist (group and individual) must travel through a government travel company which must be pre- planned and prepared. The work of guided, package tour or custom designed must be prepared on time.

Location: Southern Asia, between China and India

Area: 47,000 sq km

Climate:  tropical in southern plains; cool winters and hot summers in central valley; severe winters and cool summers in Himalayas.

Terrain: mostly mountainous with some fertile valleys and savanna

Population: 1,951,965 (July 1999 est.)

Religions: Lamaistic Buddhism 75%, Indian- and Nepalese- influenced Hinduism 25%

Languages: Dzongkha (official), Bhotes speak various Tibetan dialects, Nepalese speak various Nepalese dialects

Capital: Thimpu

 As the government issues visa only after the receipt of full tour payment, it is mandatory to make tour payments a month in advance of the arrival date in Bhutan.


The Government of Bhutan has made it mandatory for all visitors to travel by Royal Bhutan Airlines (Druk Air). Only Druk Air is permitted into Paro Airport.