Govt waives off climbing permit for five more years

Govt waives off climbing permit for five more years

 The government of Nepal has decided to waive off climbing permit fee for mountain peaks in mid and far western regions for five more years effective from July 16. "It decided to extend royalty waiver after witnessing significant rise in trekking and mountaineering activities in mid and far western region over the past five years", states the notification letter sent by Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Earlier, the government had waived off climbing permit fee for mountain peaks in mid and far western region for five years starting July, 2008. Trekking Agencies had been lobbying with MoCTCA for extension of royalty waiver arguing that trekking and mountaineering activities in mid and far western region was increasing gradually. Some unclimbed peaks of the region are:

S.N.       Name                                                Height in mt.            Himal range                 District

1            Chandi Himal                                   6096                            Chandi himal                 Humla

2            Changla                                            6563                            Changla                         Karnali

3            Changwatnang                                6125                            Chandi himal                 Humla

4            Dhaulagiri                                        6632                            Saipal                             Bajhang

5            Fimkof                                              6697                            Saipal                             Bajhang

6            Jagdula peak                                    5764                            Jagdula                          Karnali

7            Kande hiunchuli                                6627                            Patrasi                           Karnali

8            Kanjerawa                                        6612                            Kanjiroba                       Karnali

9            Kanti himal                                       6859                            Kanti                               Mugu

10          Kaptang                                            5965                            Kanti Himal                   Karnali

11          Khiurikala                                        5806                            Saipal                            Bajhang     

12          Lachama chuli                                  6721                            Changla Himal             Karnali          

13          Lhayul peak                                      6397                            Api Himal                      Humla

14          Nampa                                              6755                            Gurans                           Mahakali

15          Nampa II                                           6700                            Gurans                           Darchula/Bajhang

16          Nampa III                                          6618                            Gurans                           Darchula/Bajhang

17          Nampa south                                    6580                            Byas-Rikhi                    Darchula/Bajhang

18          Patrasi                                              6450                            Patrasi                           Karnali          

19          Rokapi                                              5467                            Saipal                             Bajhang

20          Romaopen peak                               5407                            Saipal                             Bajhang

21          Sisne                                                 5849                            Sisne                              Karnali

22          Surma Sarovar north                       6523                            Surma Sarovar Lekh    Bajhang

23          Takphu Himal                                  6395                            Nalakankar                    Karnali          

24          Tso Karop Kang                               6556                            Kanjiroba                       Humla

25          Yokopahar (Nampa VIII)                 6401                            Gurans                           Darchula/Bajhang