Wedding Tour

Wedding Tour

Hindu wedding tour is one foremost well-liked amongst marriage ceremony traditions and ritual of a variety of racial groups and standings of Nepal. The majorities of the inhabitants in Nepal are Hindu and intensely believe in conventional marriages as it is thought to last a life time. This Hindu wedding tour program is particularly premeditated for the foreign couples enthusiastic to get familiar or pursue Hindu wedding system. Traditional Hindu marriage ceremonies can be prearranged for couples to be tied in soul mate knot for the lifelong. Nepali Hindu wedding ceremony is impressive event where the bride and bridegroom execute the Puja and receive best wishes as well as blessings from friends and family members. Hindu weddings and marriages in Nepal are multicolored occasion and travelers to Nepal may be auspicious adequate to eyewitness either the wedding itself or at slightest to observer the wedding parties making the passage to the bride's house.

Traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies in Nepal takes place only in certain months mid January to mid-March, mid-April to mid-June and mid-November to mid-December. Nepalese marriage system is unique and rich in culture which comprehensives after long religious process. Hindu marriages are performed in accordance with the Vedas. Vedas are thousands of years old Holy Scriptures of Hindu Religion that is considered to own the essence of Hinduism. One of the prominent features of Hindu weddings is, the ceremony is held in the open, under a canopy known as a “mandap” with a sacred fire in the center and the bride and bridegroom walk around it seven times. Hindu marriages in Nepal are often arranged with the assistance of a priest, who analyses the horoscopes of the couple to ensure that they are compatible. The traditional music, Pache Baja and other popular folk songs are played as the Nepali people believe that playing traditional music strengthens the nuptial knot and pleases God.
Many visitors are attracted by the Hindu wedding rituals in Nepal. They themselves perform their marriage ceremony in Nepal just like the Nepali system. Now a day in Nepal wedding ceremony is held in differently decorated party palace. The best venues.

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Group Size : Min - 2
Accommodation : Hotel and  Lodge
Duration : 9 Days